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As a volunteer, you would be a great help with various 'maintenance-type' tasks required to keep our services available to our donors and recipients.

Typically, we could use help 3-5 hours a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. However, based on donations received, the days and hours could vary, so a bit of flexibility is appreciated.

You would not be required to work with any donors or recipients.

Examples of typical tasks you could help with in our donation storage building:


  • Sweeping floor

  • Dusting shelves

  • Sorting donations

  • Organizing and packing donations into bins

  • Placing/displaying donations on shelves

  • Possible other tasks not listed here

If you have bookkeeping experience and would be interested in helping us with our 'paperwork', we would be very interested in discussing this type of volunteer task too.

Please call us at 616-219-0753 to discuss a volunteer position and to arrange a meeting date/time. 

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